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How does a Bitcoin Mixer work?


A Bitcoin Mixer like is service used to disguise/hide bitcoin transactions. In simple terms, it makes it hard for anyone with who may have bad intentions to locate where the bitcoins are coming from.

Bitcoin mixing has become a very popular method of hiding transactions especially through the dark web. More and more people are learning about and using the services to protect their identity.
It is a great way to stay anonymous.

But before you learn how it works, there are a few things to consider. Let’s start from the beginning.

Bitcoin transactions

There are two parts that makes a bitcoin transaction complete: the input (your private keys) and the output (the transaction ID). The input is simply the account that performs a transaction while the output is the account that receives the transaction.

Every transaction is made available on the blockchain, which is a public ledger. This means anyone can access those transactions.

This means, every transaction, right from the genesis is available for inspection. The public can see it, even though they cannot be able to alter what is already on it.

If you can get a full blockchain containing the inputs and the outputs, you can track the transaction to where it is coming from.  

Note: Actual bitcoins cannot be traced. The only things traced are the amounts, the address and the transactions. It is very important to be aware of this fact. Since bitcoin itself is a virtual currency, there is no way of proving its existence except through the transactions.

Why do people shuffle bitcoin?

The first and most basic reason people use bitcoin tumblers is to get complete protection while transacting bitcoin. Everyone wants to feel completely secure at all times.

The online world is full of bad actors that are always looking for unsuspecting people. They steal private information and use it to perform crimes, or steal from the owners.

If anyone can track your transaction, they can get your real-life identity. And that is that last thing you want to be dealing with in the online world.

There are many hackers always trying to identify the trail of bitcoin transactions and personal data. Apart from hackers, bitcoin related services are expected to make your information available to governments. They can use such information to find where you are.

Bitcoin tumbling is one of the best ways to avoid such issues. The services ensure no one can track your transactions at all.

How it works

Bitcoin shuffling is a really simple process. Just as the name suggests, it is a way of mixing, or shuffling bitcoins with those from another account.

Step 1:- Go to the main page of the tumbler site and input your withdrawal address. You don’t need any software for tumbling.

Step 2:- Set your time delay, which is how long the tumbler should wait before sending coins to your chosen account. Then press “Next”.

Step 3:- Choose the account to send the bitcoins to the click send

Step 4:- You are done. Wait for transaction to be confirmed and you are good to go.

The process is simple that. All tumbling services are quite similar and the process is the same with all.

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