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OLM Real Estate : A Preview Of Olm Homes In Sweden

A Preview Of Olm Homes In Sweden

A preview of OLM homes in Sweden

There is no denying the housing crisis in Sweden. Different factors have contributed to this issue. In summary, there is a need to address the current situation in the country.

OLM is a real estate company dedicated to providing affordable homes in Sweden. The big sale is on, and early buyers will get OLM Token at 50% off. It is only a few days to the big sale now. This is the project that will solve housing issues and an opportunity to own a home.

Why is there a supply crisis?

Four major issues make it hard to access proper housing in Sweden. They include:

• Population increase. Every day, more people are coming up with housing needs. The increase in population has contributed to this factor. Apart from this, Sweden is a developed country that attracts a lot of immigrants; this factor has further increased housing demand.

• Rent control regulations. The real estate industry is a good investment where regulation favor everyone. In Sweden, there rent control regulation may not be as good for landlords. This is why very few are willing to engage in construction.

• High construction costs. Many who want to construct home fail because they cannot afford the construction costs. From getting proper licenses to purchasing material and contracting, it may be difficult to get through on a thin budget.

• Increasing municipal regulatory burden. When regulation becomes too much, things get harder for those who want to do business. This is where real estate investors have it rough too. Since the 1990s, these regulations have been seemingly oppressing.

• Price increase. At the moment, housing prices stand at 20% above the 20-year average. This appreciation is a result of the increasing shortage. Apart from that, the waiting period is too long now. You may have to wait for up to 9 years in Stockholm.

In all these factors above, affordability seems to be the main concern. And that is where OLM comes in with a simple but very effective solution. The company aims to construct as many houses across Sweden as possible and manage them.

You have a chance to pitch your deck early on:

Standard houses

Constructed with wood, these types of house look more or less like a long villa. It can fit in most neighborhoods quite easily. The plans are ready, only waiting for the production of blocks and the construction will begin. This is a house many can afford.

Multi-floor building

If you prefer living in a concrete house, this is your opportunity to get your hands on one. You can use it for renting or simply live here. With 4 – 7 floors, there is room for everyone.

Assisted living

Constructed from wood, this is a special house for older people. It is made with a focus on easy access, with only one floor.


OLM has a goal to build 15000 high-quality affordable homes. Tokenization is already underway where 50% will go to token holders. With over 25 years of experience, the team behind OLM is working to ensure the success of this project. This might be your time to be part of the team.

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