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Polish Crypto Exchange Coinroom Shut Down Services Due To Exit Scam

Polish Crypto Exchange Coinroom Shut Down Services Due To Exit Scam

Polish Crypto Exchange Coinroom reportedly shut down all services in April as a part of an exit scam that left hundreds of customers as victims. This is possibly the largest crypto exchange in Poland and we are about to find out more about what happened in the latest cryptocurrency news below.

According to the Polish media outlet, the customers of the Polish crypto exchange Coinroom received an email on April 2 stating that the crypto exchange will be terminating their contracts and they only have a day to withdraw the funds. The customers failed to do so in that timeframe so they requested withdrawals by sending emails directly to the support team of the exchange.

Coinroom has a right to deal with the withdrawals this way according to the agreement that the customers accepted when they created their accounts. However, the exchange failed to return the deposits of many customers while others received just a slight part of the funds they were stored in the wallets of the platform.

The customers were unable to get in touch with the company or to receive any information from the director of the exchange Tomasz Zbigniew Wiewior who even formed another company in Estonia but it’s unclear whether he left Poland and moved to Estonia now.

The exact losses of the victims are still not precise but the deposits range between PLN 300 ($79) and PLN 60,000 ($15,660) according to the altcoin news from the Polish media outlet. One user even stated that Coinroom failed to refund about 2.005 BTC deposit after he received a withdrawal confirmation from the exchange since April 3.

Also Read : Crypto Money-Spanish Police Taken Down Laundering Ring noted that the number of Coinroom exit scam victim reach up to ‘’several thousand’’ and many of them share their anger on social media. One user even took matters in his own hands and visited the headquarters of the company for which she later wrote:

“The lady at the reception did not want to let me in, she claimed that nobody was in the office. Instead, she called someone from the company with me. I was asked to leave my details. Nobody contacted me.’’

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