Your Story with Jacques Poujade, Managing Partner, LendPlus

YourStory with Jacques Poujade, The Managing Partner at LendPlus, recently took outing of his day to talk to us a bit regarding his career. Not only is he very familiar with financial and business topics, but he has also really focused on cryptocurrency. His unique insight makes it apparent that he is a valuable asset for LendPlus.

Tell a Little Bit About Your Company, LendPlus?

LendPlus is another mortgage supplier serving to almost all deliver the goods their dream of homeownership. It will be terribly tough for a few folks to urge approved by banks and ancient mortgage suppliers, thus we provide distinctive solutions that in many ways are most popular by some.

Your website Mentions You settle for Crypto as a Payment choice, Why Did you opt to try to This?

A lot of individuals are very beginning to heat up to cryptocurrency, and it very makes no sense to supply it in 2019. It shows that we tend to ar staying earlier than the days rather than being stuck within the past. such a large amount of completely different individuals out there still don’t grasp a lot of regarding crypto the least bit, and it is often daunting from the surface wanting in.

It is additionally one thing that banks are historically not about to bit. Since we tend to do contend with banks in some ways in which, it is sensible for us to be a touch bit completely different after we give our distinctive service

What Type of Crypto Do Do You Accept?

Right now, we tend to solely settle for Bitcoin and Litecoin. we tend to square measure engaged on the chance of acceptive a lot of choices within the future, however, these square measure the 2 that we tend to square measure most comfy with at this time. thereupon being same, we tend to square measure forever taking note of client feedback, and changes are created if there are enough folks wanting it

What advantages Do Users Have By Paying their Mortgage with Crypto?

Many people relish the convenience and security of creating such massive payments (like a mortgage payment) through crypto. there’s conjointly the thinking that some individuals are literally got their add crypto, thus paying bills can be easier for them.

Do You See Crypto Becoming a More Common Payment Option?

In time, it undoubtedly contains a likelihood to be rather more common. There was a wave last year wherever everybody was very talking concerning crypto normally. That has died down a bit bit, however, it’s still very talked-about. it’d take a bit longer than we have a tendency to at the start fanciful however changes area unit on the horizon.

If You Weren’t at LendPlus, Where Do You See Yourself?

Honestly, since I even have a touch of a background in finance and business, it might not surprise American state if I used to be managing crypto a touch additional. I’m terribly curious about seeing however things develop with the various choices that are out there without delay.

An additional ancient answer would be operating some kind of job in finance or even property. I’ve continually had associate degree interest in those 2 fields thus it might be pretty natural on behalf of me.


Lastly, How Can Users Connect with You?

To connect with me, people can check out my website at, my Medium account, my Facebook, or my Twitter. I’m not really all that particular to posting on one over the other, but the best catch-all option is probably my website.